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Challenges With EGOS™

Your business has the potential to go big. You can feel it and are motivated to do it! A bumpy road lies ahead as you target the next big growth milestone. Challenges like outdated processes, underutilized resources, staff communication gaps, lagging sales etc., stall your growth. Maybe that's why 80% of businesses in the US fail within 5 Years.

Could yours be one of them?
The Answer is a Big NO isn't it !

Just like you consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program for enhancing your health, we suggest you explore EGOS for healthy growth of your people and business.

You can read more about the EGOS program, request for additional information or directly setup a time to discuss with an EGOS expert.

A Simple 4 step approach to implement EGOS™ and see the results you always wanted to see

Leadership and Management Training
Setup a Call
Setup a call with EGOS Expert to discuss about your unique challenges
Business Strategic Planning Consulting
Focused Discussion
A 60 min discussion with an EGOS™ expert about your company and its challenges
Strategic Planning Consulting
Quick Evaluation
A psychometric evaluation to find out your thought process and current systems
Business Consulting Services
Based on your requirement an EGOS™ system is implemented to your business

Let’s take 60 minutes to discuss your ongoing problems and find out how EGOS™ can solve it.

Discover why 650 leaders across 18 countries have trusted EGOS™ and transformed their businesses and leadership teams.

5 Reasons Why EGOS™ Is A Must-Have For Your SMB

Built to Deliver

Simple, easy to implement system built to deliver

Identify and Resolve

Identify and resolve business challenges before they occur


Improve employee innovation, engagement and productivity

Growth Strategies

Implement forward-thinking growth strategies

Processes and Communication

Streamline processes, and enhance effective communication

Setting Up A Call With EGOS™ Expert Is Now Simple

30 Min Call | Firms Consulting
30 Minutes Call
A quick phone call to discuss about EGOS™ and your current situation to see if it is a good fit and plan next steps
60 Min Video Call | Leadership Training Consulting
60 Minutes Call
This is a online meeting to share insights into EGOS™ tools, methodologies and match them to your current requirements and discuss next steps
2 Hours Spot Visit | Leadership Development Training Consulting
Complimentary 2 Hours In-Person Meeting*
This is a in-person meeting between Rajesh Tedla, creator of EGOS™ program, you the entrepreneur / CEO and your leadership team

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Understand in-depth about EGOS™, 7 Stages of Growth and the execution model.
  • Understand from the Entrepreneur / CEO and Leadership team about past and current challenges and future goals
  • Share Leadership practices for maximum impact
  • Understand how to develop a disciplined and accountable team that executes well to achieve your vision and goals.
  • How to design cadence and accountability processes.
*This offer Is for customers who are with in 100 / 125 miles from Zip Code 06470

Book a complementary session with EGOS™ Expert

Solve your business challenges with EGOS™ – an effective growth operating system for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs)

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