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Emerging From The Crises Back To The Basics

Emerging from a crisis of this magnitude is anything but business as usual. Entrepreneurs and business leaders who assume and even wish to ‘get back to the way things were’ can face a rude surprise. Life and business have changed; for some a little, for some a lot and few completely.

Some of the challenges and mistakes we have noticed with the Small and Medium business owners and leaders that proved to be very problematic or fatal as follows:

We also had the opportunity to communicate and speak with several small and medium business owners and their leadership teams. We learned that going back to the basics and evaluating their businesses to understand the “GAPS” really helped them to spend the time productively and make appropriate changes to over the challenges and navigate the crisis.

Based on the feedback, we decided to share some unbelievably valuable EGOS™ – Business stages of growth information for you to baseline your business and make appropriate changes to grow in the “New Normal” of the business environment.

EGOS™ Stages of Growth information is based on the number of employees in your organization.

SMBs undergo growth through 7 stages by the time they reach 500 employees.

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