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Stairs Or The Elevator?

With EGOS™, Growth Of The Future Is Achieved Faster!

Most businesses have good people but do no have access to right tools and methodologies at the right time to execute or grow. Few organizations does not enable the right culture nor authority to their people to thrive inside the organization.

EGOS™ is a simple, effective and easy to implement system tailor-made to achieve rapid growth, tackle competitors, engage employees and solve real business problems. Let EGOS™ be your trusted guide for business growth as well as personal growth as a leader.

Gain clarity and understanding

around your current business and people.

Evaluate the effectiveness

of your strategic planning and execution.

Design and execute

a forward-thinking growth operating system for your business.

7 Critical Elements

For Thriving and Growing Your Business

Here are 7 elements that are critical for businesses to compete and grow in an incredibly turbulent business world.

There is another layer of complexity for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) as they are growing. SMB entrepreneurs and business leaders focus on sales and revenue targets to describe their growth but in reality the number of employees in the company creates complexity and additional challenges.

As you focus on growing the business, challenges arise to keep a healthy top line and bottom line while the complexity of hiring and managing employees joining the organization.

This arises the challenge of understanding your stage of growth and what all does it entail to survive and grow your SMB business.

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The 7 Stages of Growth:

Great news is that James Fisher spent several years researching this and several other issues faced by over 950 Small and Medium and developed 7 Stages of Growth Enterprise Development Model.

His research identified that businesses go through 7 distinct stages while growing the business from 1 employee to 500 employees.

Stages Employees
  Stage 1  1 to 10 employees
  Stage 2  11 to 19 employees
  Stage 3  20 to 34 employees
  Stage 4  35 to 57 employees
  Stage 5  58 to 95 employees
  Stage 6  96 to 160 employees
  Stage 7  161 to 500 employees

About EGOS™


EGOS™ – Entrepreneur Growth Operating System™

EGOS is a fast track way to baseline, uncover and solve real problems hindering growth.

The methodology combines 7 critical elements for thriving and growing your business coupled with 7 Stages of growth principles that are simple, practical and real-world tested tools to help SMB customers unlock their true potential and accomplish their tangible and intangible goals and business vision.

Sample success tools based on scope and need for our SMB customers:

  • Stages of Growth Assessment – determine current level
  • Strategy plan (short-term and long-term)
  • Vision and values
  • Leadership Practices For Maximum Impact
  • Communication execution plan
  • Prioritized list of initiatives that need to be implemented to overcome current challenges
  • Talent Insights & Leadership Assessments
  • Role’s key account-abilities and metrics
  • Detailed processes for daily huddles, weekly and monthly meetings, assigned responsibilities: Team Goals, Team Member Roles, Interpersonal Relationships within the Team, Process for decision making (GRIP tool)
  • Cadence and account-abilities processes
  • Teams trained in 10 problem solving (Quality Improvement) tools
  • Standard operating procedures and work sheets for core processes
  • Training and ongoing performance reviews of all employees
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Rajesh Tedla

Described as “personable, insightful, effective, motivational and results oriented” by his clients, Rajesh (Raj) Tedla offers wisdom, experience and proven processes to move executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals to a heightened awareness and effectiveness. Raj respectfully provokes and partners with his clients to help each define and develop authentic, strengths-based success.

Since 1990, he has coached more than 2,500 senior leaders and executives from GE, Diageo Group of Companies, DELL, IBM, Microsoft, AI Engineers, Sun Microsystems, Bank of America, Accenture, Deloitte, United Health, Pepsi, Avon, KPMG and many more.

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