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About EGOS™

What do you get when you use

EGOS™ to manage growth for your business?

Stages of growth assessments for you and your leadership
team members
Short-term strategy plans
50-60 hours of as-needed, 1-1 conversations between experts and CEO and/or team
  • Long-term strategy plans
  • Reworking and realigning to your vision and values
  • Best leadership practices for maximum impact
  • Communication execution plans
  • Prioritized lists of initiatives to overcome current challenges
  • Talent insights & leadership assessments
  • Key account-abilities and metrics
  • Detailed process calendars to know what to do and when to do it
  • Team member roles definition
  • Team member roles
  • Detailed work on interpersonal relationships within the team
  • Process for future decision making
  • Cadence training for future processes
  • Teams training in problem solving & quality improvement tools
  • Standard operating procedures and work sheets for core processes
  • Training and ongoing performance reviews of all employees
  • Growth problems and potential identifiers
  • Detailed plans for changing economic environments
  • Top talent hiring
  • Efficiency training
  • Redesigning old processes that would inhibit future growth
  • Risk prevention

We’re here to help you

Take the guesswork out
of your growth

EGOS is a fast-track to manage your business growth in a way that is measured, calculated, efficient and strategic. And it works. It’s helped 100+ small and medium sized companies. It can help yours, too. 

We’ll start with a phone call. After that, we will give you and your team extensive assessments. 

From there, you will get detailed strategies, coupled with hands-on service to help you take your business to the next level, without the chaos. 

We don’t use a crystal ball. We aren’t relying on intuition.

We’re researchers, assessors, challengers, and visionaries.

Our goal is to set you up for success. You will learn how to repeat the growth-track processes on your own. We come in, help, and get out of your way, so you won't need us anymore. 

Our methods are time-tested, successful, and involve extensive evidence-based research and repeated implementation. We can determine exactly what you are struggling with, what you need to do to fix it, what is inhibiting growth, and how you can uncap your success to experience exponential profit increase. We can do this because we’ve worked in different business sectors for a combined total of more than 100 years, between all of our partners. 

It’s time for a new perspective on your company. EGOS can help you accomplish what you want, without guesswork and trial and error. 

Rajesh Tedla | CEO & Chief Transformation Officer

Described as “personable, insightful, effective, motivational and results oriented” by his clients, Rajesh (Raj) Tedla offers wisdom, experience and proven processes to move executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals to a heightened awareness and effectiveness. Raj respectfully provokes and partners with his clients to help each define and develop authentic, strengths-based success.

Since 1990, he has coached more than 2,500 senior leaders and executives from GE, Diageo Group of Companies, DELL, IBM, Microsoft, AI Engineers, Sun Microsystems, Bank of America, Accenture, Deloitte, United Health, Pepsi, Avon, KPMG and many more.

Dr. Ajoy Basu | Principal Consultant

Ajoy enables organizations accelerate launch of successful products in the medical device, the consumer goods, and alternate energy industries. He focuses on identifying unmet customer to develop a minimally viable product and then rapidly iterating to access the mass market. He continually strives to optimize the intersection of marketing, engineering, and manufacturing.

He worked at GE, Covidien, and other companies for 18 years prior to starting alpha2infinity llc. He has a PhD. in materials science from the University of Michigan.