With EGOS Systems...

600% Growth
A company grew by 600% in the last 10 years.
We helped them restructure leadership, develop new talent, implement standardized company practices, and hold annual strategic planning processes to further their growth.
90% Employee Satisfaction
A company stopped hemorrhaging millions.
Over 8 months, we focused on customer service, team behavioral training, Lean Six Sigma problem solving, and accounting and financial accuracy. Their employee satisfaction increased by 90%.
650 Leaders Trained
A North American company grew their global market.
We trained 650 top leaders and designed strategic planning and execution that successfully scaled their international business units. We also created long-term programs for leadership, innovation, and growth.
12 New Regions
A company is now winning awards at the top of their field.
We transformed talented engineers into powerful business leaders. This transition attracted high caliber, talented employees, enabling expansion into 12 different regions.