Stress Quotient

Stress Quotient

One thing many of us can agree on is that the current environment across the country is emotionally charged and very chaotic. These are stressful times for all individuals and especially organizations and its leaders who have to manage several changes at the same time and help their teams and organizations do the same.

While some stress can be motivating, other kinds can be a productivity killer. If you’ve been experiencing burn out in your team or a lack of creative ideas, it may be because they are overwhelmed. Stress could be taking its toll.

The good news is you’re able to identify the symptoms of stress, but what if you could identify the actual causes? I have a tool that will enable you to do exactly that. It was built so that anyone that uses it could increase and improve awareness of problems in their organization.

Ensuring you’re able to be the best version of yourself is my main priority, So that’s why I want to help your team understand where their stress is coming from.

The Stress Quotient Report is a diagnostic tool developed by our strategic partner TTI SI that will give you and your team the gift of self-understanding their stress. We can talk about how to fix it after you complete the assessment.

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