Team Leadership

Team Leadership

In the last email, you learned about the five foundational practices that are critical for becoming a Change Leader.

Team Leadership is one of the first changes a Change leader has to focus on in their journey to becoming an outstanding Change Leader.

“One is too small a number to achieve greatness.”
– The law of significance

You can become a successful person as an individual but can never become a successful leader without becoming a person of influence who can orchestrate and drive teams. It would be best if you facilitated teams to work in unison to accelerate towards set goals and vision. Significance can only be achieved through teams and groups.

A fantastic quote that every Change Leader need to remember;

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”
– Zig Ziglar

As a Change Leader, if you want to go fast, then go as an individual, and if you want to go farther, then take a team with you. Remember that the potential of a group or team is always higher than that of an individual.

So to go farther, you need to master the skills of a Team Leader.

You need to ensure that you are aligned with your team by:

Staying a step ahead of the team and staying close enough for them to see you. Being close enough to your team such that you are listening to them and ensuring they understand the vision and journey
As required, stepping behind the team to motivate and encourage the team to keep going.

Empathy – putting in extra effort to understand others
Ensure you understand and embrace their thoughts, desires, talents, contributions, and journey.

Focus on the team members rather than on yourself.
Look for opportunities to lift people.

You can uplift them by:
Seeing the possibilities in your people
Honoring and acknowledging them in front of others
Creating opportunities for team members to help achieve the vision
Identifying and appreciating their skills and strengths
Provide timely positive feedback to make sure they know they are valued.

Helping your teams to become better every day
Are you focusing on adding value daily?
Ensure that you add as much value as possible and as often as possible
Never wait to add value, do it as and when the opportunity presence
Give freely, never focus on keeping score as this will ensure your motivation is always coming from your hearing.
A critical question that you should take a few minutes to reflect on. How do you think your team members will respond to these three questions.

I hope you received value from today’s message. These are a few easy steps for you to become a Change Leader and successfully lead teams to reach your goals productively.

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